Character Recommendations Based on Travis Touchdown

Ice King Adventure Time

Lonely, disgruntled king looking for a princess to sweep him off his feet

Sun Bak Sense8

Sun hides her feelings, instead channeling her anger and insecurities into her fists

Zero Holes

His nickname of 'Zero' says a lot about what other people think of him

Bane The Dark Knight

A cruel supervillain born and raised in the darkness

Maurice Moss The IT Crowd

A dedicated IT guy who even talks like a computer

Morrigan Aensland Darkstalkers

This sexy succubus lives for pleasure

Claire Standish The Breakfast Club

Popular, perfect princess who's deeper than she seems

Brian Griffin Family Guy

A wry, sophisticated, struggling writer who also just so happens to be a dog

Felicia Darkstalkers

Society may reject her, but this bubbly catwoman just wants to spread happiness to others

Beast/Hank McCoy X-Men Series

The quintessential nerdy scientist but with a few rather unconventional physical attributes