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Joe West

The Flash

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Living... in Central City with his daughter Iris and his adoptive son Barry Allen. Joe didn’t expect to add another kid to his family 14 years ago, but after Barry’s father was arrested for the murder of his mother, Joe knew he couldn’t leave his daughter’s best friend without a home. So he took Barry in and raised him. Even though Barry and Iris are now all grown up, Joe still remains close with both his kids.

Profession... detective for the Central City Police. He works closely with his partner Eddie Thawne and often gets consults from his foster son Barry, who works with the police as a forensic assistant.  

Interests... jokes, pizza, and Grandma Esther’s eggnog.

Relationship Status... single. As a single parent raising two kids, Joe had little time for romance. Now he spends too much time at work to date.

Challenge... protecting his kids. A phenomenal father, Joe would do anything for Barry and Iris. So once Barry reveals he’s been transformed into a superpowered speedster called “The Flash,” Joe snaps into action as a member of his support team. But protective Joe also insists they keep Barry’s powers a secret from Iris so she that doesn’t get involved in anything too dangerous. He explains, “Keeping her in the dark, it's for her safety.”

Personality... cheerful, caring, and protective. Although Joe’s a tough detective, he’s no bottled-up macho man. In fact, he prefers to discuss feelings and emotions rather than keeping them hidden. However, he can easily become overprotective and secretive when his children are involved. He once explained, “The world may need The Flash, but I need my Barry Allen.” Skeptical by nature, Joe can also be delighted by the fantastical – like Barry’s superspeed – and his warm sense of humor is infectious.

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