Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough

    Final Fantasy Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... in the Sector 5 Slums with her adoptive mother, Elmyra. Aerith was born in a small inn called the Icicle Inn, but doesn’t remember her biological parents. Much of Aerith’s childhood is a mystery.

Living... in the Sector 5 Church underneath the capital city of Midgar with her mother.

Profession... flower salesperson. The sunny and personable Aerith has a green thumb and excels at her job, but her seemingly ordinary profession belies her true purpose. Aerith is beginning to discover that she’s destined for great things.

Interests… tending to the Sector 5 Church’s garden, selling flowers, and caring for others. Aerith spends most of her day raising flowers and attending to surprise visits from strangers.

Relationship Status... single. Aerith used to be close to a former SOLDIER member named Zack Fair. Though now she’s met a new, young ex-SOLDIER, Cloud Strife, who looks an awful lot like Zack…

Challenge... discovering the mystery behind the strange voices she hears in her head, and helping Cloud and his friends save the Planet. Aerith’s lived a simple life, but when the world is threatened she’s willing to step up and do whatever she can to help. When she joins up with the forces of the environmental resistance group, AVALANCHE, she finds herself thrown into a conflict of world-shattering proportions.   

Personality... caring, optimistic, and stubborn. Aerith is kind and friendly to strangers and is always willing to help others. Her compassion is easy to see, although it’s not a sign of weakness. Aerith is equipped with a plucky nature that makes her difficult to manage, which might be annoying if she wasn’t committed to doing what’s best for everyone. You might expect a lifelong slum-dweller (who works in retail) to have lost faith in the world, but Aerith is a relentless optimist who never fails to see the bright side.


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