Andrew Clark
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Andrew Clark

The Breakfast Club

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About Him

Growing Up… in Shermer, Ill with an overbearing father. Andrew was trained to follow in the footsteps of “his old man.” There was never any option.  

Profession… high school student. Unfortunately, he is now in detention all day on a Saturday with four other students, aka the “Breakfast Club.”

Interests... wrestling. It's all he ever does, and he is one of the best. But he never really chose the sport. His father chose it for him. 

Relationship Status… single. He’s focused on the discipline of competitive sports right now. The idea of a girlfriend is probably not permitted, as per his father’s plan for him.

Challenge… not ending up like his “old man.” Andrew admits, “He’s like this mindless machine I can’t even relate to anymore.” He angrily imitates his father: “Andrew! You’ve got to be number one! I won’t tolerate losers in this family!” Sometimes Andrew just wishes his father would “forget all about me.”

Personality… tough, diligent, and competitive. When John Bender runs his mouth, Andrew is the first to challenge him. He doesn’t believe all of Bender’s act; he thinks it’s a bunch of bull. Andrew says he could lay out Bender any day of the week, and if they keep arguing, today might just be his chance to prove it.

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