Maurice Moss

Maurice Moss

    The IT Crowd
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… to be scared of most things. Moss, as his coworkers call him, developed countless phobias throughout his childhood, making it difficult for him to live in normal society. Maurice’s psychological conditions have left him to do the only kind of work that he feels is safe: deal with computer technology.

Living… in front of a computer screen in Greater London. Moss’s asthma, myopia and a mysterious illness that he calls “hot ear” prevent him from going outside.

Profession… software application developer for Reynholm Industries. Moss is the most dedicated member of the IT staff, and often finds himself picking up the slack when his co-worker, Roy, is overcome with laziness. Maurice often faces bullying from the ‘real’ workers at Reynholm. As he puts it, “Sometimes the people upstairs cheese me off to such an extent that if I were the type to use bad language, I’d be employing it bitterly and repeatedly.”

Interests… anything geeky. On his dating profile on, he lists his "likes" as: computers, Masters of the Universe, Tek Wars, Magic the Darkening and Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. His “dislikes” include: football (i.e. soccer), most telly (TV), non-computer things and the countryside.

Relationship Status… single. Moss has never been successful with the ladies (and, frankly, hasn’t shown much interest in them). Moss is heterosexual, but his effeminate personality tends to drive women away, especially when he uses one of his embarrassingly geeky catchphrases such as “Chairman WOW!”

Challenge… getting over his phobias and other imagined illnesses. Moss’s constant bouts with asthma and “hot ear” haven’t helped him make many friends. His co-workers and supposed “best friends,” Roy and Jen, can barely stand him.

Personality… wimpy and awkward. Moss’s life as a loner has left him without even basic social skills. With his oddly mechanical sounding voice, he even talks like a computer.


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