Kubo and the Two Strings
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with his mother. Kubo never knew his family, mainly because it was his grandfather and aunts – the powerful Moon King and his daughters – who killed his father and took one of Kubo's eyes. Using her magic, Kubo's mother just managed to save him, but at a great cost to her sanity.

Living… in feudal Japan. The village Kubo and his mother live by isn't particularly large or wealthy, but it's home. What is more, here Kubo is safe from the Moon King – safe, that is, as long as he stays out of the moonlight.

Profession… storyteller. With his mother mostly unresponsive during the day, it's up to Kubo to earn money for the two of them. This he does by telling stories. With his magic and his mother's fantastic tales, Kubo more than manages to charm his fellow villagers. Though still young, Kubo clearly has a talent for telling stories, even if, as he admits, he still isn't "so good at ending them."

Interests… learning about his family. While Kubo's mother has told him plenty of stories about Hanzo, the mighty samurai who was his father, those tales don't quite make up for an actual father. Though he keeps busy with music, origami, and stories, Kubo still very much misses his father.

Relationship Status… single. Even if he wasn't already preoccupied, Kubo is only 12, making him rather young for romance.

Challenge… facing the Moon King. After inadvertently catching the Moon King's attention, Kubo finds himself on the run from his grandfather and aunts. To survive, he has to find three pieces of Hanzo's magical armor – the Sword Unbreakable, the Breastplate Impenetrable, and the Helmet Invulnerable.

Personality… creative, caring, and (mostly) responsible. Taking care of his mother has made Kubo incredibly mature for his age, but it hasn't dampened his sense of wonder. Though Kubo has every reason to become bitter, he doesn't, instead focusing on the fact that, "for every horrible thing down here, there’s something far more beautiful."


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