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About Him

Grew up... with a complicated childhood. Travis’s past is shrouded in mystery. He was separated from his twin brother, his house was destroyed, and his parents were mysteriously murdered. 

Living... in Santa Destroy. Travis lives in this seedy California town full of weird folks and odd jobs to perform. However, it eventually becomes a corporate-sponsored tourist trap and is soon flooded with crass, empty commercialism.

Profession... assassin. After killing the #10 assassin of the United Assassin’s Association with his homemade beam katana, Travis becomes the new #10. He must now work his way up the ranks by killing higher-ranked assassins, challengers, and just random people. As he says, “Some people f-ck at funerals. I cut off heads.”

Interests... geeky stuff. When he’s not maiming homicidal stunt men or evil baseball players, Travis loves to indulge in his nerd hobbies like wrestling, video games, and anime. Despite his cool persona, he really is just a big man-baby.

Relationship Status... swinging bachelor. Travis is always trying to score with the hot ladies that inexplicably enter his life including Sylvia, his handler from the UAA. He has also promised to never kill a woman, even if she is a fellow assassin. However, his history with his first childhood sweetheart remains unclear.

Challenge... becoming the number one hitman in the world.  Once Travis starts killing, he can’t stop or he’ll be killed himself. However, the deeper he falls into the assassination game, the sketchier it appears. So along with becoming the world’s best killer, he wants to find out what’s really going on.

Personality... antihero. Travis is a sleazy, immoral mercenary with a serious case of arrested development. But he also has a shaky honor code and a punk rock attitude that’s hard not to root for. He shows just how good it can be to be bad. 

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