Trending Characters

Jake Peralta
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fun-loving and immature, Jake nevertheless takes pride in being a good detective

Hua Mulan

No matter what her reflection shows, Mulan's true strength comes from inside

Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier
Captain America: The First Avenger

He used to be a good-hearted American soldier. Now he's the cold-hearted Winter Soldier

Dustin Henderson
Stranger Things

Geeky but confident. And he knows how compasses work

Lilo & Stich

An Elvis-loving, troublemaking, imaginative little girl


Sometimes a girl has to be her own hero

Violet Parr
The Incredibles

Angsty teen would love to become even more invisible than her superpowers allow

Chidi Anagonye
The Good Place

Ethical but anxious, Chidi approaches life like a problem to be solved

Lucy Pevensie
The Chronicles of Narnia

A healer, a warrior, and a friend to animals

Moana Waialiki

Moana is brave, adventurous, and dutiful. And with the ocean on her side, there's no telling how far she'll go

Emmett Brown
Back to the Future

An eccentric inventor who's crazy enough to believe in time travel and smart enough to make it happen

Pam Beesly
The Office

Shy receptionist who would rather waste time with Jim than spend quality time with her fiancé

The Genie

He's here to crack jokes and grant wishes, in that order

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Looks sweet, until she throws a boulder at you

Nick Wilde

Sly like a fox. And not just because he is one