Trending Characters

Lilo & Stich

An Elvis-loving, troublemaking, imaginative little girl


Sometimes a girl has to be her own hero

The Handmaid's Tale

She wisely keeps her head down even as she hopes for more. Unfortunately, hope is dangerous in Gilead.

Morticia Addams
The Addams Family

Shadow-loving matriarch with a bone-dry wit

Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands

His deadly hands disguise a gentle heart

Violet Parr
The Incredibles

Angsty teen would love to become even more invisible than her superpowers allow

Harry Potter Series

This house elf is loyal, compassionate, and yearning for freedom

Chidi Anagonye
The Good Place

Ethical but anxious, Chidi approaches life like a problem to be solved

Bilbo Baggins
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

A bumbling hobbit caught up in a big adventure

Mr. Gold
Once Upon a Time

Manipulative, conniving, and ruthless, Mr. Gold is enigmatic no matter what world he's in

Alice Kingsleigh
Alice in Wonderland

It's a mad, mad world, but Alice has a surprisingly level head

The Man in Black
The Princess Bride

Nothing inspires dread like the mysterious, masked Man in Black. But what's he hiding?

Tamaki Suoh
Ouran High School Host Club

He's always the star of the scene – because he's the one making a scene

Nancy Wheeler
Stranger Things

Popular but independent, sheltered but gutsy

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins

This singing nanny is practically perfect in every way