The Muppet Movie
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with his fellow Muppet friends. Kermit is the de facto leader of his gaggle of buddies, but he never exercises any real authoritarian power over them. He’s more like the glue of the group, holding together everyone from the failed-comic Fozzie the Bear to the overdramatic Miss Piggy. Kermit enjoys hosting his friends and their shows as much as he likes to sing and perform himself.

Profession… entertainer. Unlike other entertainers, Kermit taps into his amphibian roots, bringing a new kind of warmth to the cold-blooded species. If he isn’t playing his banjo and singing about the good life on the swamp, he’s singing about “Bein’ Green.”

Interests… songs and friendship. And he especially loves greeting his friends and audience with “Hi-ho! Kermit the Frog here!”

Relationship Status… single. Miss Piggy maintains that they are a couple and is very openly in love with Kermit. But Kermit is not so quick to admit that he returns Miss Piggy’s feelings. Maybe Kermit just has a tough time showing his love.

Challenge… making it to the top of show business along with all of his friends. Kermit doesn’t simply want to become a star if he has no one to share his joy with. Kermit is keen on helping all of his friends find themselves and find their ways to the big time.

Personality… shy, awkward, and kindhearted. Kermit is polite at all times, no matter how rude someone is treating him. As much as Miss Piggy beats up and abuses Kermit, he continues to turn the other cheek. What a saint!


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