Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom

    Harry Potter Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with his grandmother, Augusta. She is a stern woman who was concerned when Neville didn’t exhibit signs of magic at an early age like other young wizards. Fortunately, Neville’s abilities showed themselves after his Great Uncle Algie dropped him while he was hanging him out the window by his feet. Rather than meet a terrible fate, the young Neville simply bounced across the yard.  

Living… at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in Gryffindor Tower. Neville shares a dormitory with fellow first-year boys Harry, Ron, Seamus and Dean. Neville was almost as surprised as his Gran when he is sorted into Gryffindor, a house known for its courageous students. His lack of self-confidence had him convinced he would be placed in Hufflepuff, whose students are often (inaccurately) stereotyped as “a load of duffers.”

Profession… student. Neville is a first-year at Hogwarts, so he’s taking all the required classes and dreading one in particular — Potions. Neville is no good at Potions to begin with, but he’s terrified of the cruel Professor Snape, who takes every opportunity to humiliate Neville and scorn his lack of brewing ability. Neville has been known to melt his cauldron on more than one occasion.

Interests… Quidditch, Herbology and his toad, Trevor. Like most young wizards, Neville enjoys watching Quidditch matches, though he’s such a terribly uncoordinated flier that he could never play the magical sport himself. Though Neville struggles in most classes, he has an aptitude for Herbology and knows a lot about the magical plants, herbs and fungi they study. One of his closest companions is his toad, Trevor, who he often misplaces.

Relationship Status… single. Young Neville is awkward and likely years away from landing a significant other. Perhaps it’s his low self-esteem that prevents him from putting himself out there romantically. He does take a liking to Hermione Granger because she is one of the few students who is kind to him; she even tries to help him learn difficult spells.

Challenge… forgetting his homework, then he’s losing his toad, falling off brooms, or single-handedly destroying Horcuxes… wait, repeat that last one? Of all the challenges Neville faces, believing in himself is the hardest. It’s no secret that Neville is lacking in the confidence department, probably because his stern grandma is sure he won’t live up to his father’s impressive legacy. Neville is so used to being bullied by the likes of Slytherin House’s Draco Malfoy that he doesn’t take pride in himself and his abilities. He has a hard time standing up for himself, but is inspired when his friend Harry Potter tells him that he is “worth 12 of Malfoy.” Neville is slowly but surely learning that he truly belongs in the house of brave and daring Godric Gryffindor.

Personality… insecure but also determined and kind. When your parents were tortured into insanity and your teachers openly insult you, it’s tempting to just lie down and give up. But that’s not what Neville does. Instead, he confronts his fears and works to overcome his weaknesses, to the point where he’s able to face Death Eaters without batting an eye. Whether you’re struggling through high school or having trouble with your job, Neville is proof that yes, you can do it — and you will. Even Small steps, after all. They make a difference. 


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