Super Mario Bros.

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with his older brother Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom, a magical land ruled by Princess Peach.

Profession… plumber and hero. Luigi’s day job is fixing and cleaning pipes with his brother, but whenever the Mushroom Kingdom is threatened, the Mario Brothers spring into action.

Interests… adventuring and hanging out with the friendly inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom. When he’s not working or protecting the Kingdom, Luigi may be found partying or playing sports with the many colorful characters he’s met throughout his adventures.

Relationship Status… single and crushing on Princess Daisy of Sarasaland. It seems like a long shot – but they wouldn’t be the first plumber/princess duo in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Challenge… to help his brother protect and save the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi is a little more anxious than his brother, so he often has to overcome his own fears before he’s able to risk his life to save others. Despite his anxiety Luigi always ends up coming through, and has even saved Mario a few times.

Personality… timid, neurotic, and clever. Though more self-restrained than his impulsive older brother, Luigi is often overly hesitant and cautious. He’s a little bit terrified of ghosts, but despite his fears, he can be very brave and heroic like Mario when it comes down to the wire. Usually perceived as the sidekick to Mario, Luigi expresses his frustration about having to live in his brother’s shadow, but he still looks up to Mario.


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