Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in an abusive household in Queens, New York. Mary Jane’s father is a struggling writer and professor who took out his failed professional ambitions on his family. Desperate to put some distance between herself and her miserable home life, Mary Jane focused on becoming popular at school, and now spends as much time as possible at parties and dating.

Living… in the same abusive household she’s always lived in, with the same abusive father she’s always lived with. Fortunately, Mary Jane is finally old enough that the end is in sight — soon she’ll be able to move out and start her own life, free of her father’s oppressive influence.

Profession… high school student and aspiring actress. Mary Jane knows that she’s beautiful, and is constantly working to refine her acting chops.

Interests… an avid socialite, Mary Jane can be found bouncing between parties and boyfriends. When she’s not practicing her acting or working on schoolwork, odds are that she’s having fun somewhere.

Relationship status… single. However, she feels an unlikely attraction to her quiet and nerdy neighbor, Peter Parker. This quiet crush would surely develop into a full-blown infatuation if she knew that Peter was the superhero Spider-Man, who always seems to be there when Mary Jane is in danger.

Challenge… surviving her budding romance with Spider-Man. While it might be a good feeling, knowing that a superhero is watching out for you, it causes plenty of trouble. Because he’s watching out for her for a reason. Spider-Man’s enemies will do anything to hurt him, including targeting his friends and family. Mary Jane’s relationship with Spider-Man places a huge target on her back.

Personality… exuberant, carefree, and fun. Mary Jane is a master of masking her pain. If you manage to pierce her sunny exterior, you’ll discover a deeply troubled and good woman. Mary Jane’s unhappy childhood has left her unsure of the existence of happy endings. This attitude precludes her from committing to serious relationships that might tie her down. Afraid of stagnation, but unsure of where to go, Mary Jane hides her pain beneath a joke and a smile.


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