Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... unloved. With her parents dead, Jane's had an erratic existence, shuttled between uncaring relatives at Gateshead to stern instructors at Lowood Institute. While Jane has had friends, it's been a difficult experience, and it's toughened her up considerably.

Living… away from both Gateshead and Lowood, thank God. Thornfield Hall might be a dusty, occasionally gloomy manor, but it's also full of new friends and mysteries to explore. But the largest of these mysteries might turn out to be Edward Rochester, Jane's mercurial new employer.

Profession… governess. After teaching at Lowood for a while, Jane decided she needed to expand her horizons a little. As a result, she's currently tutoring Adèle, Rochester's French ward – and possibly his illegitimate daughter.  

Interests... books and art. Her credentials might not be extensive, but Jane is more accomplished than she appears. She's a talented painter, for one, and has more than enough wit to keep up with Mr. Rochester. 

Relationship status... single, for now. Jane finds Mr. Rochester irresistibly fascinating, but she's also a realist. Even if he returns her feelings, the gap between their social stations means nothing will come of it. Right?

Challenge… finding happiness. All her life, Jane has been the underdog, and she's ready for that to change: "Even though happiness is irrevocably denied me, I have a right to get pleasure out of life." Currently, Rochester appears to be Jane's most viable shot at contentment, but he's got skeletons in his closets, and they might just strangle the duo's budding romance.  

Personality... quiet and self-effacing, but strong-willed. She might think of herself as, "poor, obscure, plain, and little," but make no bones about it – a timid mouse Jane is decidedly not. Sharply perceptive and stubbornly principled, Jane might not have a very loud voice, but she knows when and how to use it.


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