Anakin Skywalker
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Anakin Skywalker

Star Wars Series

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Grew Up… a poor slave on the desert planet Tatooine. Although he lived with his loving mother, Anakin’s slave-master, Watto, gave him very little freedom. Fortunately, Jedi knights discovered Anakin, and after a fateful wager was placed, Anakin won his freedom in a pod race. Sadly, his mother couldn’t come with him when he left Tatooine.

Living… at the center of great interest. Anakin Skywalker’s potential power in the Jedi ways of the Force is the greatest that anyone has ever seen. Anakin is the subject of much debate and intrigue among the Jedi council. They wish to ensure that he uses his powers for good and “brings balance to the Force,” rather than being seduced by the Dark Side. So Anakin is appointed to the tutelage of Obi-Wan Kenobi, a noble Jedi.

Profession… Padawan, a Jedi apprentice. Obi-Wan teaches him the old ways of the Jedi order. Anakin is trained to be loyal, selfless, honorable, and, above all, to use his great power for the benefit of life forms everywhere.

Interests… pod racing, repairing broken droids and space ships, and anything that involves fast reflexes. Even before his discovery by Jedis, young Anakin was putting his expert abilities to “good” use, winning races by the twitch of his controls, getting into more trouble than his mother could get him out of.

Relationship Status… involved with Padmé Amidala, the Queen of Naboo.

Challenge… resisting the Dark Side. Both sides of the Force are pulling Anakin toward them. The old Jedi order is at war with the Sith lords, who also desire the powerful young Anakin as a useful tool for their plans of domination. To avoid the Dark Side, Anakin must avoid fear. As Jedi master Yoda puts it, “Fear leads to hate; hate leads to anger; anger leads to suffering.”

Personality… playful, fun-loving, but respectful. Anakin understands the importance of the grave situations at hand, but always finds a way to have fun—even during battle, where he takes great risks for no reason other than to show off his skills. Anakin’s greatest flaw is his vengefulness. If he doesn’t learn to control it, the drive for vengeance could end up ruining him – and the rest of the galaxy.

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