Most Popular Characters

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Kurt Hummel

A formerly timid caterpillar transforming into a glamorous, confident butterfly

Gregory House
House M.D.

Bedside manner is for chumps, not the brilliant Dr. House

Clary Fray
City of Bones

Her philosophy: Dive into the supernatural underworld first, ask questions later

Steven Universe
Steven Universe

Excitable youth who likes junk food and (trying to) save the world

Jace Wayland
City of Bones

Whether he’s fighting or flirting, Jace is all swagger

Rory Gilmore
Gilmore Girls

Usually can be found with her nose in a book and coffee in hand, talking with her mom as quickly as the words can spill out

Homer Simpson
The Simpsons

Beer-loving disaster in charge of nuclear safety in Springfield. Everybody run!

Leslie Knope
Parks and Recreation

An eternal optimist who can get anything done. Like, actually, anything

Diana Prince
Wonder Woman

Using a truth-telling lasso and super-strength to make Earth a little more like Paradise