Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez

    Rick and Morty
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… across an infinite amount of parallel universes. In most of them, he’s staying with his daughter and her family, getting into all sorts of crazy adventures with his grandson Morty.

Profession… mad scientist. He travels into dreams, swaps bodies with homeless men, and flies into space to buy sex robots, all alongside Morty. But that doesn’t always pay great, which means he can’t chip in for rent, putting him at odds with his son-in-law Jerry.

Interests… exploring inter-dimensional space and creating scientific marvels. Rick is a genius – so smart he has to drink compulsively just to tolerate the simple minds around him. He insists to Morty that “school isn’t a place for smart people” and shows his grandson the wildest parts of the galaxy instead.

Relationship Status… divorced and widowed. Rick doesn’t believe in relationships anymore, claiming that “love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed.”

Challenge… keeping himself occupied. Rick is constantly unimpressed with the world that surrounds him, and seeks to invent new ways of exploring different realities. Sometimes, this gets him into complicated inter-dimensional jams, running into various versions of his own self and getting stuck in time loops. Other times it just means getting hammered.

Personality… gruff and impatient. Rick doesn’t put any effort into hiding his feelings, and generally he feels like most people are idiots. He busies himself with is experiments, but when interrupted or forced to engage in pointless conversations, he’s frank and unashamed. His grandson Morty is just about the only person Rick will tolerate – the two share a special bond that brings out Rick’s inner compassion and need for companionship.


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