Jane Foster

Jane Foster

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… out of a trailer in a small town in New Mexico, doing research on mysterious Northern-Lights-esque celestial phenomena. Jane’s research team is Erik Selvig, her mentor, and Darcy Lewis, her intern and a political science major – apparently, the only applicant for the internship.

Profession… astrophysicist. Jane suspects the colors in the sky above the desert may be an Einstein-Rosen bridge wormhole – a portal to another world. Her hypothesis is confirmed when a man appears from the lights claiming to be the Norse god Thor.

Interests… Norse mythology, as it’s suddenly very relevant to her life.

Relationship Status… unattached since she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Donald Blake, whose shirts she still has lying around the trailer. However, the new tall, chiseled, blonde deity in her life seems like he might be interested in her as more than just a way for him to get back home…

Challenge… getting back the hammer of this crazy blonde guy who might be a Norse god. If she can just do that, she’s definitely going to find out so much about Einstein-Rosen bridges. Also, she’d prevent some serious conflict in the god’s family that could endanger the Nine Realms.

Personality… independent, open-minded, brilliant, but still down to earth. Jane spends her nights in the desert bundled up in sweaters, and when confronted with a god in her trailer, tries to put the dirty dishes in the cereal cupboard. She is always focused on science, sometimes to the point of putting herself in danger.


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