Charlie Kelly

Charlie Kelly

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a cramped, trashy apartment in Philadelphia that he shares with his much older friend Frank. The two of them sleep on the same pullout couch. The essentially bankrupt Charlie spends most of his time drinking with "The Gang,” his group of friends -- Frank, Dennis, Dee, and Mac.

Profession... co-owner of Paddy's Pub, a scummy Philadelphia bar that The Gang shares. Well, Charlie owned part of the bar until he traded his share for half a sandwich, mysterious “goods and services” and other worthless considerations. Charlie is more willing to do actual physical labor around the bar than his friends, though in truth his work ethic could only be considered “strong” relative to the complete lack of effort shown by the others.

Interests... wearing costumes and pretending to be various characters, commonly doing so to the point of losing touch with reality. His most frequent outfit is that of "Green Man,” for which he wears a green full-body spandex suit and behaves crazily. The Gang sometimes rolls out Green Man as a cheap promotional tool for the bar.

Relationship Status... single. Charlie only has eyes for a woman known as "The Waitress,” even though she has clearly and repeatedly stated her lack of interest in him. Charlie’s pursuit of her straddles the fine line between obsession and stalking, but it’s certainly not healthy. He has had some brief relationships, but all of them were simply attempts to make The Waitress jealous or get her attention. Alas, no dice. 

Challenge... dealing with his mental limitations. Charlie's intelligence (or lack thereof) is the subject of much ridicule from The Gang. His reading and writing skills are extremely poor, bordering on complete illiteracy, and he often appears have little understanding of how virtually anything works. He frequently insists he’s an expert in the non-existent specialty of “bird law,” and once claimed, "You could chop a camel right in the hump and drink all of its milk."

Personality... child-like and naïve, but generally good-hearted. Charlie is more morally sound than the rest of The Gang, often empathizing with whomever they’re plotting against, and either sabotaging their plan or opting out entirely. He doesn’t know much in general, but seems to know right from wrong far better than his friends. Unfortunately that doesn’t win him much respect from his crew, which treats him like a child, such as when Dennis tells him, "You know what Charlie, you shouldn't be making these decisions anyway, O.K.? You're not the decision-making type." 


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