Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with her parents, unlike either of her teammates. Except for her insecurities about her large forehead, Sakura had a fairly normal, happy childhood – something that's hard to say about either Sasuke or Naruto.

Living… in the Hidden Leaf Village, in a world where ninjas with supernatural powers train to protect themselves. At only 12, Sakura's still in the process of becoming a full-fledged ninja, but she's already distinguished herself by her high test scores at the village Academy.  

Profession… ninja-in-training, recently graduated from the Academy. Despite her high scores, Sakura still has comparatively little practical experience, so she's paired with fellow ninjas Sasuke and Naruto as part of Team 7, led by Kakashi Hatake. Sakura's feelings on the arrangement are mixed. On the one hand, she enjoys the chance to be close to Sasuke, but on the other hand, she loathes Naruto. Or rather, as she puts it, "What I hate is NARUTO!"

Interests… trivia games, studying, and Sasuke. While generally a serious, driven student, Sakura is still a 12-year-old girl. And like all the other girls in Hidden Leaf, she swoons over Sasuke, the village heartthrob and now her fellow teammate.   

Relationship Status… single, but deeply in love with Sasuke. An aloof, enigmatic loner, Sasuke gives no sign of returning Sakura's feelings. But as with all bad boys, Sasuke's coldness only makes Sakura more determined to win him over. As she declares to him, "I would do anything for you! So please, just stay with me!"

Challenge… becoming a ninja capable of helping her friends. While Sakura has the intelligence and talent to be a formidable warrior, she's currently outclassed by Naruto and Sasuke's sheer raw power. As a result, she often ends up on the sidelines during battles, unable to help much beyond moral support. This comes as a hard shock to a girl used to placing in the top of her class, but Sakura's determined "to take the lead" and prove worthy of fighting alongside her teammates.  

Personality… intelligent, courageous, and compassionate. Though her quick temper might make her easily irritated with others, Sakura has a kind heart underneath, caring for her friends above all. With her sharp mind and willingness to sacrifice herself in battle, whatever Sakura lacks in power, she makes up for in intelligence and bravery.  


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