Most Popular Characters

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Haruhi Fujioka
Ouran High School Host Club

Few high school students could be less concerned with labels

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones

A hard-drinking detective with a dark past

Jon Snow
Game of Thrones

It doesn't matter how noble or brave he is. He's a bastard, and people don't let him forget it

Stewie Griffin
Family Guy

Just your average evil-genius, talking, sociopathic baby

Lydia Martin
Teen Wolf

This high school queen bee has everything, including a genius-level IQ – a fact she keeps hidden to maintain her image

Light Yagami
Death Note

He's got a plan to make a better world, and morals won't stop him

The Legend of Korra

Stubborn, outgoing, and faced with huge responsibilities she might not be ready for

The Walking Dead

Light on conversation, deadly with a blade

Bender Bending Rodriguez

You know what cheers up this alcoholic robot? Other people's (and robots') misfortune

Abby Sciuto

The happiest Goth to ever work in law enforcement