Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts

    Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Malibu, California, the current center of operations for Stark Industries.

Profession… personal assistant to billionaire genius and superhero Tony Stark. Pepper originally worked in the finance department where she discovered an error in Tony’s calculations. Eager to correct the mistake, she immediately went to see Tony Stark, but was unable to get past security. Unwilling to be turned away, she sprayed his guards with pepper spray and walked through the doors to Tony. Impressed by her eye for detail, and even more impressed by her commitment to the job, Tony gave her a new job as his personal assistant, and a new nickname based on her weapon of choice.

Relationship Status… single. A driven, career-oriented woman, Pepper hasn’t spent much time looking for a man. She’s attracted to her boss, but as Tony’s assistant, she’s one of the few people who can see past his playboy glamour into the dysfunctional realities of his life.

Challenge… helping Tony Stark to manage his problems – and Tony Stark has a lot of problems. Board meetings, congressional hearings and battles against the world’s greatest supervillains could all pop up in the same day. It’s Pepper’s job to make sure that Tony stays on track and accomplishes everything he’s capable of.

Personality… levelheaded and reliable. While such a cerebral perspective would make most people cold and unapproachable, Pepper possesses a unique knack for exuding personal warmth even through her task-oriented exterior. While she isn’t able to create world-altering inventions, Pepper is intelligent and can think through the consequences of her actions, something even the genius Tony Stark is unable to do. Pepper’s combination of competence, warmth and loyalty makes her a great assistant — and an even better friend.


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