Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... ostracized. As an infant, Naruto had the spirit of a malevolent nine-tailed fox sealed inside his body. Consequently, Naruto grew up feared and shunned by his fellow villagers. Despite this, Naruto manages a cheerful outlook on the world and is determined to win the respect of his village.

Living... in the Hidden Leaf Village, in a world where ninja are not only common, but they also possess supernatural powers. As a (failing) student at his village's ninja academy, Naruto is assigned to a team with two of his fellow classmates, aloof Sasuke and intelligent Sakura. Under the leadership of mentor Kakashi, the unlikely trio must learn to overcome their differences and work together.

Profession... ninja-in-training and – if you believes what he says – the next leader of the Hidden Leaf Village. As “Hokage” (or leader), however, Naruto would have a lot of a responsibility on his shoulders – perhaps a little too much for the light-hearted, carefree boy. Since his dead father was the former Hokage, Naruto has the right lineage for the position. But whether he can grow into its responsibilities is another matter altogether.

Interests... pulling pranks, eating ramen, and becoming Hokage. For the most part, Naruto's interests are those of a 12-year-old boy, so much so that most people dismiss his other, loftier ambitions. However, Naruto's goal of leading the Leaf Village is no quixotic fantasy, with Naruto announcing, "I'm going to make everyone recognize my existence!"

Relationship Status... single. Naruto has a pretty bad crush on the pretty Sakura. But unluckily for him, she's less impressed by his prankster ways than she is by Sasuke's haughty charm.

Challenge... becoming Hokage. First, however, Naruto has another obstacle to overcome: passing ninja school. And from his rival Sasuke to his many talented classmates, that proves to be no easy goal.

Personality... the biggest loudmouth ninja (yes, it's an oxymoron) in Konoha. Naruto is brash and immature, and his usual mode of communication is screaming in your face. Believe it! Not particularly grown-up and hardly book-smart, Naruto can be a bit of a goofball – and to most of his village, that's all that he is. When it comes to his goals, however, Naruto is just as capable of being a determined and fierce fighter. Although people may laugh at Naruto's extreme idealism, it's hard not to admire the code of honor that goes with it. 


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