Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

    The Simpsons
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... without a mother. At the mercy of a neglectful, alcoholic father (Abe Simpson), Homer learned from an early age how to pass the time with a can of beer. He didn’t find true happiness until his senior year in high school, when he first met the love of his life, Marge.

Living... the American Dream. A home in beautiful Springfield, USA, with his wife Marge and three children. A full-time job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Enough Duff beer to pacify a horse. What could possibly go wrong?

Profession... nuclear Safety Inspector, Sector 7G. He holds the fate of a nuclear catastrophe in the palm of his hands. Yes, the perfect job for a lazy slob who loves to sleep on the job as much as he loves sleeping in church. As a nuclear safety inspector with no education, no work ethic, and no impulse control, it’s a miracle that Springfield hasn’t gone the way of Chernobyl.

Interests...donuts, Duff beer, and eating in general. But at heart, he’s a family man, who enjoys strangling his son Bart and listening to his daughter Lisa play saxophone—especially if he needs to make up for a mistake. Even though he pulled out his hair each time Marge became pregnant, Homer’s biggest interest of all is keeping the Simpson family together.

Relationship Status...married, with children. Homer and Marge hit some bumps early in their courtship—the sleazy Artie Ziff took Marge to prom, a college professor almost stole Marge’s heart, etc. But aside from the occasional Homer-induced marital disaster, they remain mostly happily married; Marge is the love of his life. As Homer put it, while he carried Marge out of the power plant in his arms: “I’m going to the back seat of my car with the woman I love, and I won’t be back for 10 minutes!”

Challenge... himself. Though Homer faces numerous external challenges, his worst conflicts are always created by his own stupidity and wrongdoing. Since he became Safety Inspector, accidents at the plant have doubled. He once forced the whole family to retreat to the old Simpson farm after challenging a professional duelist to a duel with a careless glove slap. In many ways, Homer is his own worst enemy.

Personality... Trouble (with a capital T). He falls down a lot. He drinks, curses and forgets his baby Maggie exists. His hooligan son Bart brings out Homer’s angry side. Chasing Bart and screaming, “Why you little…!” is a commonplace event in the Simpson home. But although brute force is one of his mainstays, Homer proves his virtues (somewhat) through his simple love and general warmth toward friends and family.


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