Soul Eater

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... a humanoid Demon Weapon. Though generally human in appearance, Soul can– when necessary– change into a deadly, sharp scythe capable of being wielded to fight evil.

Living... in the Death Weapon Meister Academy, an institution formed to train weapons like Soul and their weapon meisters. Though generally a normal school, the DWMA also has a special purpose: creating Death Weapons, powerful tools wielded by Death himself to defend the world from evil.

Profession... weapon student. Outsider might think that a weapon’s meister does most of the work, but as Soul puts it, "the weapon and owner are two in one," and Soul must use his willpower just as much as Maka for the pair to succeed.

Interests... being cool. Soul wants the world to think he is the coolest guy around, and so he bases all his actions on how cool they'll make him. It’s quite possible that Soul's real goal in doing so is to be admired by his friends, but it wouldn’t be cool to just admit that. He's also a talented jazz pianist, though he's initially reluctant to perform in front of others.

Relationship Status... single, but looking for someone cool enough to be his girlfriend. He claims Maka isn’t attractive enough to qualify, but even if she was, their relationship is about teamwork, not romance.

Challenge... becoming a Death Scythe, upon which his “coolness level will go up big time.” To do so, he and Maka must first collect 100 souls: 99 from corrupt humans, and one from a witch. It won't be an easy task, and with enemies and dangers around every corner, Soul and Maka will have to learn to work together if they want to survive.

Personality... sarcastic, aloof, and deeply loyal. The polar opposite of Maka, Soul is a strange mix of laid-back and foolhardy: he might plan ahead, but he will charge ahead with nothing but sheer willpower and emotion. It's a trait that often annoys his more meticulous meister, but like any jazz artist, he feels that “what matters is the soul.” But while he might be too cool for school, Soul isn't too cool to do the right thing. If his friends are in danger, he'll do anything he can to help them.


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