Most Popular Characters

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Coraline Jones

Moving is hard; accidentally moving to a creepy mirror world just makes it harder

Kat Stratford
10 Things I Hate About You

Part of the "out" crowd and proud of it

Sharpay Evans
High School Musical

She's queen of the stage, and not aiming to be replaced

Willy Wonka
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

An eccentric, eclectic, egotistical chocolate factory owner

Inside Out

Peppy, optimistic, and totally lost when it comes to dealing with Sadness

Bart Simpson
The Simpsons

Aspiring juvenile delinquent who does not want you to have a cow, man

Augustus Waters
The Fault in Our Stars

Charming and confident, Gus lives in fear of never leaving a lasting mark on the world

Big Hero 6

Basically a giant pillow come to life

Marvel's The Avengers

Family man with a house out in the country. Also he shoots aliens with a bow and arrow for SHIELD


A sweet but naive princess who is about to realize that life is no fairy tale