21 Jump Street
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as a nerd. Schmidt was never popular back in high school. He was an admirer of Eminem — and made the mistake of dressing like him, too. The jocks used to call him “Not-So-Slim Shady.”

Profession… police officer. After joining the Metropolitan City Police Department, Schmidt is assigned to a special task force codenamed 21 Jump Street. Despite being bullied by him in high school, Schmidt is now friends with fellow cop Greg Jenko. Due to their youthful looks, the two have been assigned to infiltrate a local high school where students are overdosing on a new synthetic drug called H.F.S.

Interests… studying and reading. Schmidt has always shown a predilection for book smarts, which is why he and his new partner Jenko make such a good team. Schmidt helps Jenko with the cerebral side of police work, while Jenko coaches Schmidt through the physical aspects of the job.

Relationship Status… chasing a student named Molly. Schmidt has managed to blend in with the new brand of cool kids: conscientious environmentalists who study hard. Unfortunately, Molly and her friends may be the ones responsible for distributing H.F.S.

Challenge… balancing his romantic interest in Molly with his duty as a cop. Now that Schmidt is getting to relive high school as a cool kid, he’s beginning to lose sight of his obligation to the law.

Personality… awkward, bumbling, and shy. Schmidt hopes that being a cop will improve his life by adding a bit of thrill. Luckily, he’s found all the excitement he needs at 21 Jump Street. As he puts it, “We’re like, in the end of ‘Die Hard’ right now, only it’s our actual life!”


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