The Giver
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... slightly different. Despite the philosophy of Jonas's futuristic society, which strives to create absolute equality, Jonas differs from the rest of the community: unlike his other friends, Jonas has pale eyes, can see color, and, most importantly, is willing to think deeply about his community.

Living... like every other child in the community, in a nuclear family with two children. While his parents and Lily aren't his biological family, Jonas loves them all the same. Recently, their household has gained another, temporary member: Gabriel, a newborn.

Profession... just decided. Like his fellow twelve-year-olds, Jonas's job is selected by the Community Elders; unlike them, he is not appointed during the normal Ceremony, but after it. There, Jonas is given his new assignment as Receiver of Memories, an important position—at least he’s told. He’s not really sure what it is, or if he’s prepared for it.

Interests... experiencing new things, helping others, and being like his friends. Jonas wants to fit in, a sentiment that's especially intensified by growing up in a community that values sameness. Unfortunately, whatever chance he had at normalcy seems to have disappeared ever since he became the new Receiver. 

Relationship Status... single. There are signs he has a crush on his friend Fiona, but since all marriages are now arranged, Jonas receives pills to help tamp down the feeling. Which is perfectly fine with him – Jonas might have “liked the feeling of love," but he also knows "that it's much better to be organized the way we are now."

Challenge... succeeding in his role as the new Receiver of Memories. It's not a pretty job – as he takes in more of the previous Receiver's memories, Jonas experiences all the intense memories his community has been so careful to repress: hunger, love, sadness, and pain. And as Jonas learns more about the past, he becomes and more aware of the darkness behind his seemingly peaceful experience. 

Personality... thoughtful, kind, and precociously mature. At first glance, Jonas's intelligence and compassion make him the perfect candidate for the new Receiver, but the same qualities lead to Jonas questionning his community's values and whether or not "things could be different."


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