Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

    DC Extended Universe
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as Harleen QuinzelAfter becoming a psychiatristHarleen was tasked with psychoanalyzing Gotham’s biggest villain: The Joker. But as Amanda Waller describes it, “She thought she was curing him, but she was falling in love.” After being twisted and tortured by the Joker, Harleen Quinzel became Harley Quinn, the Clown Princess of Gotham.   

Living... alone and bored in Belle Reve PenitentiaryAfter spending years as the Joker’s moll, Harley Quinn was eventually captured by Batman and thrown into the government’s black site prison. Without the Joker at her side, or anyone else to play with, Harley has grown bored in her isolated prison cell. 

Profession... professional psychopath and reluctant hero. Harley was perfectly content to live out her days in chaos with the Joker at her side. But after her stint in prison, Harley is recruited by intelligence operative Amanda Waller for Task Force X. The “suicide squad” is made up of supervillains who can take down meta-human threats regular soldiers can’t. And thanks to the explosive device implanted in their necks, the villainous members of Task Force X must comply or die.  

Interests... acrobatics, cute accessories, and weaponry. When Harley wants something, she goes for it  whether it’s using her baseball bat to take out some goons or to break a shop window to steal a cute purse. Above all, Harley loves defying expectations and messing with people. As she warns Task Force X leader Rick Flag, “I'm known for being quite vexing, I'm just forewarning you...”  

Relationship Status... taken, thank you very much. Harley is utterly devoted to the Joker, who she lovingly calls “Mr. J.” She even once jumped into a vat of chemicals to transform herself for him. But, unfortunately, her stint in Bell Reve has taken her away from her beloved “Puddin’.”  

Challenge... reuniting with the Joker. Though Harley begins to make friends with the other villains on her suicide squad, her loyalties lie first and foremost with Mr. J. She would do anything to reunite with him.  

Personality... completely unhinged. Harley can flip from demure to rage-filled at the drop of a hat. Though at first she seems sweet, giddy, and girlish, that’s just one side of Harley’s personality. She’s also vicious, violent, and a fierce fighter. There’s little rhyme or reason to Harley’s moods, which makes her impossible to predict. But above all, Harley strives to enjoy life. Of course, for a supervillain, “enjoying life” often means committing heinous crimes. But as she scoffs, “We're bad guys, it's what we do.”


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