Louisa Clark

Louisa Clark

    Me Before You
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in a windowless bedroom in a small house in a sleepy British town. She lives with her parents and sister who are all struggling financially, so the pressure is on Louisa to support them all.

Profession… waitress turned caregiver. After losing her job as a waitress, Louisa landed what sounded like the dream job: working as a caregiver for an insane amount of money for a handsome former banker named Will who lives in an actual castle. The only catch is that Will doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Interests… nothing much to mention. Louisa is too busy to really think about what she likes in life.

Relationship Status… dating a personal trainer named Patrick. At 26, Louisa is no rush to get married – especially to Patrick, who is all about Patrick.

Challenge… caring for Will, a paraplegic. Louisa was hired by Will’s mother, who is desperate to find someone to make Will smile. Since Will’s motorcycle accident that paralyzed him, Will hasn’t found much reason to keep on living. Despite constant abuse from Will, Louisa is up for the challenge.

Personality…. goofy, caring, and optimistic. Louisa has so much going for her, but she hasn’t quite realized that yet.


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