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Overview... the Angel of Death, the Collector of Souls, Azrael ­– all names he’s gone by. The Grim Reaper is another, but he would prefer to just be called Death. Forget the skeleton and scythe image: if you're curious about what Death looks like, just "find yourself a mirror." Death doesn't directly kill, only collecting the souls of the dead, but he still wouldn't describe it as a pleasant job, especially now that he's working in Nazi Germany. So many people have died, he’s working overtime.

Personality... philosophical, quietly kind, and resigned to his job. Death is world-weary, and for good reason, too: after millions of years spent collecting the dead, it would be difficult not to be a little jaded about humanity. Still, he takes his job seriously, doing his best to comfort the souls he encounters, for "even death has a heart." He is especially kind towards children, and those he believes died a particularly unjust death. He’s also not above watching events unfold, as a way to break up the monotony—he even gets attached to people, sometimes.

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