Character Recommendations Based on Boyd Crowder

Hugo Cabret Hugo

A responsible kid who's still capable of flights of fancy

Chandler Bing Friends

Could he BE any funnier?

Scott Lang / Ant-Man Ant-Man

A bumbling criminal turned even more bumbling superhero

Oswald Cobblepot Gotham

When it comes to flattery, manipulation, and politics, Oswald can play with the best of them

Frances Houseman Dirty Dancing

When it comes to dancing, nobody puts Baby in the corner

Chun-Li Street Fighter

Resourceful and courageous, Chun-Li is dedicated to using her considerable strengths against evil

Susie Salmon The Lovely Bones

Susie has a big heart, even though it’s not beating anymore

Romeo Montague Romeo & Juliet

He'll go to any lengths for love

Anna Karenina Anna Karenina

A strong, passionate woman who follows her heart – even at a great price

Shizuo Heiwajima Durarara!!

Grown up hating both his strength and himself