Character Recommendations Based on Boyd Crowder

Penny The Big Bang Theory

The girl next door, literally

Miranda Priestly The Devil Wears Prada

Adored, honored, and, most of all, feared – Miranda has the fashion industry in the palm of her hand


Cute robot on a mission to find life on Earth

Steve Harrington Stranger Things

Cool big man on campus; the jury's still out on whether he's a jerk, too

Cisco Ramon The Flash

A proud, enthusiastic member of a superhero support team

Alastar Mad-Eye Moody Harry Potter Series

A grizzled survivor and fearsome fighter who counsels "constant vigilance"

Amelie Poulain Amelie

Her quest for love is anything but ordinary

Storm X-Men Series

Veteran X-Man (X-Woman?) with weather-controlling powers and an intimidating personality

Severus Snape Harry Potter Series

A misanthropic potions teacher with a vindictive streak, Snape's true motivations are murky

Anna Frozen

Not even a closed door will deter this eternal optimist