Will Graham

Will Graham

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... poor and lonely. With his mother missing from an early age, Will was raised by his father, who made ends meet by working on ships until he died, and Will became an orphan. Constantly drifting from place to place, Will grew up without a sense of place. As he tells his therapist, Hannibal Lecter, "There’s something so foreign about family... like an ill-fitting suit. I never connected with the concept."

Living... in Wolf Trap, Virginia, where he lives with a small pack of dogs. The latest addition to Will's family is Winston, a stray rescued from the side of the road. Other than his dogs, Will lives entirely alone.

Profession... FBI teacher and reluctant special agent. Although he would rather stick to teaching, Will is pulled back into field work when Special Agent Jack Crawford calls on him to work as a criminal profiler on a case. More than Will's intelligence, however, what Jack is after is Will's unique gift: his ability to empathize with killers.

Interests... dogs, fishing, and bringing killers to justice. Because it involves getting into the minds of disturbed killers, Will doesn't really like what he does, but even considering the mental costs, Will can't deny the lives he's saving.

Relationship Status... complicated. While he's attracted to one of his colleagues, pretty psychologist Alana Bloom, both Will and Alana know that he's in no state to start a relationship.

Challenge... catching serial killers while struggling with his own mental instability. More than anything, Will fears that one day, his empathy will go too far and he will become like the killers he tracks. Luckily for Will, Jack has found him a therapist to help. But unluckily for both Will and Jack, Hannibal Lecter might have more than expensive silk up his well-tailored sleeves.

Personality... intelligent, socially awkward, and dangerously empathetic. While this empathy allows Will to catch killers, it also leads him to have bad dreams and fear for his sanity. Yet no matter how twitchy he might appear, Will is decidedly not someone to be trifled with. As he tells tabloid reporter Freddie Lounds, "It isn't very smart to piss off a guy who thinks about killing people for a living."


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