Amelie Poulain

Amelie Poulain

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in France with eccentric parents. Amélie’s mother and father believed that she had a heart condition, making her too sensitive for human contact. As a result, she grew up with a wild imagination to combat her loneliness.

Living… alone in a Parisian apartment. Amélie spends her days in solitude, asking herself “silly questions” about the world below, such as, “How many people are having an orgasm right now?”

Profession… waitress at a café in Montmartre. Amélie’s café is always full of Montmartre’s legions of eccentrics.

Interests… helping people find happiness. Amélie, despite her reclusive lifestyle, has made a hobby out of bringing joy to people’s lives and taking pleasure in the little details, such as dipping her hand into sacks of grain or skipping stones into a local canal. As she describes it, “I like to look for things no one else catches. I hate the way drivers never look at the road in old American movies.”

Relationship Status… single. Despite her beauty, Amélie is unable to form a relationship. While at first she tries to put effort into forming a romantic attachment, she seems to fail every time. She’s yet to meet a kindred soul.

Challenge… locating the man who lived in her apartment decades ago. After finding a collection of childhood knickknacks under a bathroom tile, Amélie has decided to put her effort into finding their long-lost owner somewhere in the sprawling city of Paris.

Personality… quirky, kind, and inventive. Amélie doesn’t need real friends—her imagination provides enough entertainment. Her wild, dreamlike fantasies have always given her satisfaction.


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