Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Photo Credit: Everett Collection

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Toon Town, a small section of Hollywood exclusively for “toons,” who are living, breathing cartoon characters. Jessica’s childhood remains a mystery—if it ever really happened. It’s possible that she never grew up into the woman you see today, at least not the way humans think of it, but rather she was simply “drawn that way.”

Living… in a desperate search for her husband Roger Rabbit, an A-list toon actor who is wanted for the murder of Toon Town owner Marvin Acme. It might be true that Jessica was caught playing patty-cake with Acme, and that Roger Rabbit saw photos of said patty-cake session only hours before Acme’s murder—but Jessica is convinced that her little “honey bunny” never could’ve hurt anyone. She swears he doesn’t have a violent bone in his body and she’ll stop at nothing to help prove his innocence, even if it means explaining what she was really doing with Acme.

Profession… star singer at the Ink and Paint nightclub. Men and toons alike flock to see her sing in her sultry way. 

Interests… red dresses, seduction, blowing cartoon kisses in the shape of her lips, and getting herself into more trouble than she can handle.

Relationship Status… married to Roger Rabbit, the love of her life. Everyone, including private detective Eddie Valiant, wants to know what she sees in Roger. Jessica simply says, “He makes me laugh.” Apparently that’s what it takes to get to Jessica’s heart, and stay there. But did she stray from Roger with Acme?

Challenge… helping Roger prove his innocence so she can live happily ever after with him. She works harder and possibly knows more about the case than anyone, even Eddie Valiant, who seems to be at the head of figuring everything out. Jessica lends her help to him on a number of occasions, filling him in on new bits of evidence and even saving his life. Still, winning the toon-hating Eddie’s trust might be almost as hard as busting this case wide open.

Personality… manipulative and confident. She uses her feminine assets as a tool, keeps secrets until they absolutely must be revealed, and operates on a need-to-know basis. She’s a regular femme fatale – mysterious, dangerous, and a whole lot to handle.  But she’s irresistible enough to both men and (male) toons to get away with it – and she knows it. 


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