Allie Hamilton

Allie Hamilton

    The Notebook
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Charleston, South Carolina. Allie is the 17-year-old daughter and only child of wealthy parents, Anne and John. Though Allie’s life seems perfect from the outside, her parents’ strict rules and emphasis on perfection makes Allie quietly unhappy and unfulfilled.

Living… in Seabrook Island, South Carolina, for the summer. While on vacation at their home in Seabrook, Allie attends a carnival where she meets Noah Calhoun, a poor, local boy who is captivated by her as soon as he sees her. After Noah convinces her to go on a date, they gradually fall in love as they spend the summer together. However, Noah is “trash, trash, trash” according to Allie’s mother and father, and they cause the two to break up just before forcing Allie to return home to Charleston with them.

Profession… socialite. As the daughter of well-to-do parents, Allie’s primary responsibility is to be prim and proper. Every day, she practices piano, studies French, and does all the other activities becoming of a well-off young lady. As she grows a little older, Allie volunteers as a nurse to help wounded World War II veterans, where she meets the handsome and charming Lon Hammond, Jr., who she eventually begins to date. Because he is from old Southern money, Allie’s parents approve wholeheartedly of Lon and give their blessing when Lon proposes.

Interests… painting, poetry, and planning her upcoming wedding to Lon. A wrench is thrown in her plans, however, when she sees a photo of Noah in the newspaper while trying on her wedding dress. Consumed by the thought of “what if,” Allie heads back to Seabrook to visit Noah.

Relationship Status… very complicated. She is torn between Noah, her first love; and Lon, a perfectly good fiancé with whom life would be relatively easy and extremely respectable.

Challenge… trusting herself to make the right choice. Even though Allie and Noah constantly bicker, their love for one another has always brought them back together. However, Lon is loving, faithful, fun, and wealthy – everything Allie could hope for in a husband. She agonizes over the decision she knows she must make, knowing that no matter what she chooses, someone will be hurt.

Personality… well-mannered, yet feisty. Allie has been brought up right, but she doesn’t follow the conventions her mother has laid out for her romantic life. Though she has everything she could possibly want with Lon, Allie’s indecisiveness brings her back to her love with Noah, which never really had closure. She knows the life she has planned with Lon will be more than okay, but her passionate nature makes her revisit her past and reopen her heart.


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