Character Recommendations Based on Lana Kane

Claire Temple Daredevil

Dedicated nurse providing secret care to New York's vigilantes

Dallas Winston The Outsiders

Headed down a dangerous, criminal road

Sideshow Bob The Simpsons

Pretentious and deadly. Hates rakes

Nadia Vulvokov Russian Doll

A no-nonsense broad with a dark sense of humor and a flippant attitude

Deandra "Dee" Reynolds It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Selfish, narcissistic, target of extremely cruel ridicule

Eleanor Shellstrop The Good Place

Rude and egotistical, Eleanor at least has an appealing no-nonsense enthusiasm for life

Mal Reynolds Firefly

A rebel and a damn fine space captain

O-Ren Ishii Kill Bill vol. 1

Don't ask her questions unless you're fine with losing a limb

Kenny McCormick South Park

A boy of few words who likes nudie mags, NASCAR, monster trucks, origami, and Peruvian pan flute bands

James The End of the F World

Self-professed psychopath who can't help but fall in love