Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… a born leader. As the oldest of four turtle brothers – along with Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael – Leonardo became their ringleader. Even though Splinter the rat is their master and sensei, Leonardo is the glue of the group—though he fights with Raphael much of the time. That’s more due to Raphael than Leonardo, as Leo is the most team-oriented of the turtles.

Living… in some kind of chaotic harmony. He lives with Splinter and his brothers in a homey sewer under New York City, where they train as ninjas. Leonardo enjoys many of the good times that a normal teenager would, like pizza parties and dance parties. But Leo is a teenage mutant ninja turtle, which means he’s made for more than just partying.

Profession... crime-fighter. When darkness falls on the city and the turtles are less likely to be spotted for the mutants they are, Leonardo and his brothers climb out of the sewers to battle criminals. The most feared ones are “The Foot,” a gang of toughs led by Shredder.

Interests… blue masks, team work, and katanas. Leonardo trains with two samurai swords, the sharpest and most deadly weapon of any of the turtles. Perhaps this is what gives him a kind of unspoken power over his brothers. But Leonardo is interested in using his power only for good.

Relationship Status… single. His turtle bros are the only friends he needs, besides maybe Splinter, and humans April O’Neil and Casey Jones too.

Challenge… keeping the four ninja turtles together as a cohesive force of good. Michelangelo and Donatello never really seem to threaten leaving the group, but the moody Raphael is always going off on his own and getting into trouble. Leonardo does what he can to curb Raph’s vigilante attitude, but sometimes you just have to let a turtle figure out his own path in life. After all, the teenage years are some of the most hormonal, transitional and scary times – for turtles too.

Personality… respectful and meditative. Leonardo has a strong sense of morality, taught to him by Master Splinter. He constantly renews his loyalty to the cause and that of his brothers by bringing focus back to meditation and training. There are a lot of powerful bad guys out there, and it’ll take a cohesive group of teenage mutant ninja turtles to stop them.


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