Lana Kane

Lana Kane

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Character Analysis

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Living... in New York City. She was once an animal rights activist, but changed careers when protesting at a local furrier resulted in receiving an unbelievable job offer. She happened to splatter red paint on Malory Archer, the leader of the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). After pointing a gun to Lana’s head, Malory was impressed by her bravery, as she didn’t flinch while other protesters scurried frantically. Malory offered her a job on the spot. 

Profession... an ISIS field agent. Though she’s a natural talent and dreams of becoming a master spy, she’s often treated as the number two agent, due to Malory’s bias toward her son, who happens to be Lana’s co-worker/ex-boyfriend, Sterling Archer.

Interests... working as a spy, telling off her unruly co-workers, and thinking about babies. Formally a radical environmentalist, Lana still holds her leftist ideals in high regard. In contrast to her deadly spy skills and her masculine hands, she’s into the idea of being a mother. She really wants a baby and is often referred by others as “baby crazy.” She’s also full of witty responses to those who approach her with attitude: “With your looks, maybe ‘bitchy’ isn’t the way to go.”

Relationship Status… a hot mess! Lana has recently ended a long term relationship with Sterling due to his horrible cheating habits and his over demanding relationship with his mother. He would often answer the phone and talk to Malory during sex. While on a mission Archer once told Lana, ”I thought you were gonna shoot me.” She responded with, “The day’s not over.” Now she’s dating Cyril Figgis, ISIS’s comptroller, an overly clingy regular schlub and a complete contrast to Sterling. Lana is overloaded with sex appeal and intelligence, so naturally, she isn’t captivated by Cyril’s predictability, or his boorish predilection for “Stir-(Fri)days.” Her fling with him may be a reaction to wanting more stability and to spite Sterling.

Challenge... keeping her co-workers in line while helping Archer defeat terrorists and save the world. Lana’s activist side makes her easily irked by the evil corporations that ISIS leaders sign contracts with. On top of her demanding job, she must also endure the teasing by her co-workers for her Amazonian-esque body figure and freakishly huge hands. Having hands of “Johnny Bench-ian proportions” has been the fodder for many jokes at her expense. 

Personality... sarcastic, openly aggressive, but highly professional. Lana often clashes with her coworkers because of their nonchalant and rowdy behavior. Being the most competent at ISIS, she’s received job offers from ISIS’s rivaling spy bureau, ODEN, a more honest and reliable workplace, but she just can’t bring herself to leave her dysfunctional family at ISIS. 


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