Bree Van De Kamp
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Bree Van De Kamp

Desperate Housewives

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Grew up… as a teenager without her mother. When Bree was 10, her mother was killed by a drunk driver. Bree didn't know how to deal with her grief, so she cleaned the blood off the road herself. 

Living… with her husband Rex and two kids on Wisteria Lane. Their house is the one with the immaculate landscaping with aromas of blueberry muffins baking. 

Profession… homemaker. Bree takes pride in her skills as a housewife. She is determined to be known as Wisteria Lane’s best mom and most elegant resident – no matter what. 

Interests... the PTA, the NRA, and S&M. 

Relationship Status… married. It fits that the buttoned-up Bree met her husband at a meeting of the Young Republicans society in college. They talked all night about everything from immigration policies to problems with big government, and she was hooked. Yes, she’s quite the romantic.

Challenge… her marriage. She has done everything right. She has always been faithful, devoted, and pleasant. But Rex said he wants a divorce; he was tired of pretending to be happy all the time and didn't want to live in a "detergent commercial" any more. And her kids seem to blame her for everything falling apart. 

Personality… uptight, which is a polite word to describe the essence of Bree. Beneath her typically kind, polite outer persona is a very rigid and controlling woman. But maybe her intentions are good deep, deep down. As she says, "We're both going to die eventually, and in the time we have left, whether it's two days or two decades, I think we should be nice to each other." Bree tries her hardest to be nice, but it comes at a price: by bottling up her emotions, some day she just might explode. 

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