Peter Venkman

Peter Venkman

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Brooklyn, New York with his fellow parapsychologists, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler. Recently, the city has witnessed an increase in the amount of ghostly activity. Normal people would steer clear of the haunted areas, but Peter, Ray, and Egon are far from normal.

Profession… former professor of parapsychology. Venkman’s research projects were geared more toward getting undergraduate students to sleep with him than driving scientific progress. Sarcastic, lazy, and interested in a field of limited practical value, Venkman checked off every box on the creep-o professor list. Though in fairness, it turns out he can bust ghosts. After getting fired from Colombia University, Venkman, Ray, and Egon decide to take advantage of the ghostly occurrences in the city and start a paranormal extermination/investigations service called Ghostbusters, Inc.

Interests… ghosts and girls. When Venkman isn’t exterminating demons, he’s busy trying to get with as many pretty girls as possible. In his pursuit of beautiful women, no tactic is off limits. He once tricked a student of his into thinking she was psychic just to spend some extracurricular time with her.

Relationship Status… single, but he has his eye on beautiful musician Dana Barrett. Dana has a ghost in her apartment and Venkman, seeing an opportunity to get to know her, leaps at the opportunity to offer his services. Unfortunately, he gets more than he bargained for when he meets Zuul, the angry demon inhabiting Dana’s kitchen.

Challenge… defeating Zuul, the “Gatekeeper” and another demon, Vinz Clortho the “Keymaster”, in order to prevent the arrival of yet another demon, Gozer. If Gozer gets to Earth, the planet will be destroyed. Venkman, Ray, and Egon are in for the ghostbusting of a life time.

Personality… sarcastic and lackadaisical, but with a soft side. Venkman is deadpan, cynical, and usually pretty apathetic. Exterminating ghosts is one of the only things that gets Peter excited: “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!” His loyalty to his fellow Ghostbusters and street smarts make him a valuable member of the team.


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