Cece Parekh

Cece Parekh

    New Girl
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Portland, Ore., with her best friend, Jessica Day. Cece was raised in America, but her parents did their best to retain their native Indian culture and always encouraged Cece to marry an Indian man. The independent-minded Cece typically rebelled against her family’s traditions and embraced American culture.

Living… in Los Angeles in an apartment full of models. Despite her modeling career, Cece doesn’t necessarily live a life of glitz and glamour. Though thanks in part to her good looks she’s led a very active social life, which is why she refers to herself as “the professor” whenever Jess comes to her for relationship (and sex) advice.

Profession… model. She’s been in the business since she was in high school and it’s opened up many doors. For instance, Cece likes to brag about how she lost her virginity to Mick Jagger.

Interests… her friends and her career. Cece takes both her personal and professional lives very seriously. Being a model isn’t a frivolous profession, at least the way she approaches it; it requires dedication and sacrifice. She also sees it as her responsibility to be there for her oldest friend in times of need; lately Cece is determined to get Jess out of a dating slump.

Relationship Status… single, and starting to looking for something serious. Cece has had plenty of dating fun; now she hears her biological clock ticking. She has no shortage of potential suitors, including perhaps Jess’s roommate Schmidt. As a model, she’s always faced unwanted advances, even as far back as childhood: “Remember when Christmas used to be fun and all I had to do was worry about my drunk uncle asking me out?”

Personality… reasonable, charming, and tough. The grounded and realistic Cece is always there to offer advice to Jess, the airy and childlike dreamer. Sometimes this advice might take the form of tough love, but there is no one else in Jess’s life who isn’t afraid to say, “Please don’t make me laugh at you.”


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