Character Recommendations Based on Linus Larabee

Lyra Belacqua The Golden Compass

A half-wild child who loves as fearlessly as she breaks the rules

Wade Wilson / Deadpool Deadpool

Everybody's favorite merc with a mouth. That's "mercenary" for the less hip

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars

Sarcastic private eye whose biggest mission is surviving high school

Gob Bluth Arrested Development

A self-absorbed magician with a temper. Just don't call his illusions "tricks"

Bridget Jones Bridget Jones's Diary

Wanton sex goddess, struggling 30-something, and semi-hot mess

Vito Corleone The Godfather

This powerful mob boss is always making offers people can't refuse

Eric Northman True Blood

A modern Viking with a flair for chilly threats

Fish Mooney Gotham

An ambitious crime boss with some very big plans for the future

Angel Dumott Schunard Rent

A big personality and even bigger heart

Dale Cooper Twin Peaks

Suit-and-tie professional meets head-in-the-clouds mystic