Star Wars Series
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… everyone’s favorite droid. R2-D2 started life as just an ordinary repair droid, fixing ships with other droids just like him. But his bravery and perseverance were noted by Queen Padme Amidala, and he soon became part of her small group of core assistants. R2-D2, or “R2,” as he’s often called, is often accompanied by his friend C3PO, a protocol droid. Out of the two, many would argue that R2 is significantly more helpful, due to the numerous gadgets he keeps in his metal body and his calm under pressure, unlike the bundle of nerves that is C3P0.

Personality... adventurous, loyal, and sassy, at least by droid standards. R2 has quite a few adventures under his belt, and his quick thinking and resourcefulness have saved the day numerous times. Although he can’t talk in human terms, he usually manages to indicate what he means through beeps, whirrs, and, occasionally, turning and rolling away.


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