Character Recommendations Based on Linus Larabee

Mr. Spock Star Trek

The ultimate man of logic. Or, more specifically, half-man and half-Vulcan

Alucard Hellsing

This infamous vampire is a one-man killing machine with a philosophical side

America Singer The Selection

A feisty, fiercely independent musician who places little value on the restrictive rules of her society

Cinder Cinder

Beaten down by the world, but learning that her cyborg abilities are pretty helpful

Tohru Honda Fruits Basket

A cheerful optimist who puts others before herself

Frances Houseman Dirty Dancing

When it comes to dancing, nobody puts Baby in the corner

Romeo Montague Romeo & Juliet

He'll go to any lengths for love

Eleven Stranger Things

Psychokinetic who was raised in a lab, so small-town Indiana might as well be a different planet

Charles Xavier / Professor X X-Men Series

Telepath who believes mutants and humans are both good at heart and can live in harmony

Jules Winnfield Pulp Fiction

If this cool mob enforcer is quoting a bible verse at you, you're in trouble