Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a rough home. His father was abusive, and his mother never prevented it. That was the reason he didn’t want to have children later on: he was worried he would be like his father. Now he serves as a surrogate father-figure for young hunters of the supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchester.

Living… in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He owns Singer Salvage Yard and maintains a sort of hunter headquarters. Though he is an incredible hunter by himself, Bobby is also exceptional with faking identities and is therefore a go-to guy for many hunters all over the US. His house boasts multiple phones, computers, fax machines, and an extensive library, so that Bobby can pose as a FBI agent or look up a spell in a manner of minutes.

Profession… hunter. Like the Winchesters, Bobby lost a loved one to a demon, which is why he began hunting. Nowadays, he isn’t on the road as much as he is acting as a central hub for all American hunters.

Interests… hunting and taking care of Sam and Dean. Their father would often leave them with Bobby when they were younger, so Bobby tried to give them a decent childhood, playing games and teaching them. Now that they’re grown up, Bobby spends most of his time working. In his spare time, he improves his hunter equipment. Sam is impressed when he sees Bobby’s panic room – completely sealed, solid iron, salt-covered and demon-proof – to which Bobby responds, “I had a weekend off.”

Relationship Status… widowed. After his wife was killed, Bobby never remarried or even really dated. He tends to get tongue-tied and awkward around anyone he's interested in.

Challenge… making sure Sam and Dean are safe. John made Bobby promise to take care of the boys and, like most hunters, Bobby doesn’t break promises. Though he always stands up to them when they overstep boundaries, Bobby would do anything to help or protect Sam and Dean.

Personality… crotchety, pragmatic, and stubborn. Bobby has seen too much to be warm and fuzzy. He’s one of the best at what he does, and he doesn’t take guff or back talk. That said, even if he grumbles about people making trouble for him, he’ll do everything he can to help out a fellow hunter, especially the Winchesters.


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