Jack Harkness

Jack Harkness

    Doctor Who
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... a long time ago, on a human planet far in the future. Jack might not have a lot of fond recollections of his childhood, but that doesn't mean he's happy when he finds out at least two years of his memory have been stolen.

Living... under a stolen name in a stolen space ship. “Jack Harkness” had previously been an American WWII captain, but now it's the name of a former 51th century Time Agent turned con agent.

Visiting... the Doctor’s TARDIS. As an eccentric time traveler himself, Jack fits in fairly well with the mad man in a blue box, though they do occasionally clash over how to handle the current chaos they've managed to land in.

Profession... ex-time agent, conman, and companion of the Doctor. Years as a covert operative with the Time Agency have left Jack with a plethora of interesting gadgets and skills. He is particularly good at seducing his guards – and his executioners, his companions, and well, anyone who within five feet of him. All for the greater good of the Universe, of course.

Interests... living life to the fullest. A devoted hedonist, Jack loves dancing, joking, raunchy stories, and having a good drink. More than that though, he loves sharing these pleasures with others – especially if they happen to have an “excellent bottom.”

Relationship Status... in his words, “single and works out.” Jack is always looking for the next fling, but he's not afraid of commitment if he ever finds the right someone. Being from the 51st century has made Jack's view on romance “flexible,” and he'll flirt with just about anyone he meets, regardless of gender, species, or the appropriateness of the situation.

Challenge...getting his stolen memories back from the Time Agency. Jack's still working on his plan to do that, so right now he's focused on staying alive as one of the Doctor’s companions. It's a task that'll require a quick wit and a good pair of running shoes, but luckily, Jack's got both.

Personality...flashy and flippant, but heroic. Jack might occasionally flaunt the law and standards of morality, but at the end of the day, he tries his best to make sure he's “harmed no one.” Others might see him merely as an irresponsible, self-centered rogue, but Jack is willing to sacrifice himself for those around him and can be surprisingly sentimental for one who lives so freely.


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