Ben Wyatt

Ben Wyatt

    Parks and Recreation
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… right now, with Andy and April in Pawnee, Ind. It’s been hard adjusting to two new roommates, especially these two. There’s just a bit of a disconnect between them. They openly discuss getting a house pet, but not just a dog or a hamster. No, instead their choices are between a baby tiger and a Komodo dragon – both dangerous, illegal ideas.

Profession… state auditor. After the political humiliation he suffered after becoming mayor of Partridge, Minn., at the tender age of 18 and running the town into bankruptcy, Ben is trying to make amends by keeping other cities’ finances in check. Now it’s Pawnee’s turn to benefit from his careful, unsparing eye. Trouble is, everyone asks him for personal auditing advice. Well, not everyone; mostly Tom.

Interests… Star Wars, tech gadgets, and “nerd culture” in general, which Ben will defend at any opportunity. As he tells Tom, “You know, ‘nerd culture’ is mainstream now. So, when you use the word ‘nerd’ derogatorily, it means you're the one that's out of the zeitgeist.” So there.

Relationship Status… dating Leslie Knope, deputy director of Pawnee’s Department of Parks and Recreation. Ben is deeply and ridiculously in love with her. Above everything else, he just wants to be with Leslie forever. But with office romances strictly forbidden and Leslie considering a run for City Council, it might be best if they kept their relationship a secret for now.

Challenge… making good on his past failures. After becoming mayor at 18 back in Partridge, Ben was impeached after only two months, due to his complete lack of experience and reckless fiscal policy. His job now is a way of giving up the ghost, finally putting the memory of his failed winter sports complex “Ice Town” behind him.

Personality… serious and work-oriented. Ben is a one-time prodigy who crashed and burned at a young age, but learned from the experience. Now, he’s all business. Surrounded by immature eccentrics, he maintains his mature demeanor.


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