Fish Mooney

Fish Mooney

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... a life of crime. And it’s paid off, big time. Rich, powerful, and commanding, Fish Mooney walks around Gotham like she owns the place—which, seeing as she’s the right-hand woman of notorious crime boss Carmine Falcone, isn’t far from the truth.  

Profession... nightclub owner/crime boss. When she isn’t keeping her team of thugs in line, Fish manages Mooney’s Nightclub. From decor to in-house entertainment, every feature of the establishment has gone through her rigorous scrutiny.   

Relationship Status... single, but she toys around with whoever she fancies—especially if they can help her gain more power. And Harvey Bullock, a crooked police detective in the GCPD, is a great help.    

Challenge toppling her boss. Fish has big plans for the future and Carmine Falcone will only hold her back: “[He] is getting old and soft. It’s time somebody has to take over. It might as well be me.” 

Personality ambitious, prickly, and fierce, Mooney is not a woman you want to cross. When she declares, “only my friends call me Fish”, you get the sense that there aren’t many people who get to call her ‘Fish.’ 


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