Carrie White

Carrie White

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in small town Maine, with her extremely religious and abusive mother. Filled with religious relics and hostility, Carrie's house is hardly an ideal place for a teenage girl, much less one trying to navigate puberty.

Profession… high school student, currently trying to survive gym class. Carrie is universally picked on for her timid nature and religious upbringing and tries to keep as low a profile as possible at school. It doesn't help that the teachers, who are unaware of her home situation, can be as rough on Carrie as the students.

Interests… reading, sewing, and staying out of everyone’s way. Despite all the ridicule she endures, Carrie wishes she could take part in sports with the other students or be a part of their inside jokes. As she tells her mother, “All the kids think I’m funny, I don’t wanna be. I wanna be normal.” She spends most of her time in the library or the back of the classroom, watching other students having fun.

Relationship Status… single. Carrie doesn’t really have any friends, let alone a significant other. As she explains to classmate Tommy at the prom: “Well, they’re more your crowd. I don’t really have a crowd.” Because of past experience, Carrie interprets any advances as nothing but cruel jokes, so she’s reticent even of well-meaning suitors.

Challenge… fitting in. Carrie doesn’t feel safe at home or at school, and grapples with trying to please people who constantly berate her. In the midst of all this turmoil, Carrie discovers that she has mysterious abilities that may finally let her escape her abusers.

Personality… skittish, reserved, and submissive. Years of constant assault by mean classmates, rude teachers, and her abusive mother wears on Carrie, giving her erratic fits and driving her further away from the people in her life. Carrie is sweet when she’s given an opportunity, but it’s hard to tell when those opportunities are often just traps. 


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